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Bran Castle Tour

The Bran Castle Tour, an opportunity to travel and have fun

The Bran Castle Tour is not to be missed if you’re visiting Transylvania for any reason. Even if it is just business, we would still encourage you to take this tour and give it a chance. The Bran Castle is situated at the entrance to the Rucar-Bran passage. The mighty Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains are surrounding it. It’s a pleasure for any traveller to view such a landscape. Plus, the legends and myths that surround this castle will most likely please anyone. You, as a visitor, should make the distinction between the reality of the castle and the actual Dracula character.

Dracula was pictured by Bram Stoker in his novel, back in the 19th Century. However, the interesting thing is that Stoker has never really visited Romania. However, the Bran Castle seems like the most suitable place in which the action had taken place. This is how the castle gained it’s popularity in time. This is also the main reason we invite you on our Bran Castle Tour, to discover what the legends are and which is the truth.

Bran Castle TourWhy not bring your kids also?

The truly amazing and attractive thing about the Bran Castle Tour is that it’s a family-friendly trip. You can bring the little ones with you. We can show all of you how people used to live back then. It’s a world full of history and beautiful meanings. The most narrow corridor of the castle has it’s own beautiful story. It was said that the ruler wanted to see who he could trust with his vault. So, he invited many powerful and intelligent men to an audience. However, all the men had to get through this narrow corridor in order to arrive at the audience. The corridor was filled with lots of bags full with coins and gold. Many of the men did steal some and hid them under their robes. However, when they arrived there, the ruler had asked them to dance for him. None of the thiefs had actually managed to do so, and they eventually got impaled, too. However, there was one honest man who didn’t steal anything. He managed to dance before the ruler and became the vault master.

Bran Castle Tour is not for everyone

Don’t come if you’re not willing to learn new things. Or if you’re not passionate about history at all. Don’t come if you don’t want to discover the truth behind Dracula. But please do join the Bran Castle Tour if you’re willing to have fun and discover a new place. We have group discounts available for you. The more people will join, the less each one has to pay. Why not open up to a new experience? Life doesn’t wait for anyone.

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